If you have sufficient knowledge of one language or there are native speakers of one language within your staff, we can provide proofreading-only services.




You can provide a document translated by yourself and use Pangeanic’s proofreading services so that one of our experienced translators will polish it and finish it to offer a final, native speaker version.

We understand that sometimes there may be no original and you will be drafting the version yourself /your organization. Perhaps you are an expert in the field and you are used to write content and proposals in the target language and only need a native speaker check. Or perhaps some of your staff have been able to draft a text into English, French, German or Spanish but they are not native speakers of those languages.

In all those cases, contact Pangeanic and ask for our proof-reading services. We will be glad to help you.

Find out more about our different translation levels and a lot more information in our FAQ section.