At Pangeanic we offer a professional Italian translation service with experience in translation, adaptation and text revision in the format you need for your Italian translations. Decades of experience in translation: million words translated into Italian for institutions, research centers, companies and corporations worldwide.


English to Italian translation services

Pangeanic offers professional Italian translation services with translations from English into Italian and also from Italian into more than 50 language pairs. Our experienced Italian translators make a team consisting of expert translators, knowledgeable of the best computer-assisted translation tools and they offer decades of experience in Italian translations. Each Pangeanic Italian translator specializes in a different field such as technical Italian translations and engineering translations, legal Italian translations, financial Italian translations, pharma / medical Italian translations, etc. Moreover, for large content, Pangeanic offers you savings: we will build machine translation engines and customize machine translation to accelerate your translation process and time-to-market. We can use your previous Italian translations and turn them into machine translation engines that will pre-translate with your own terminology and expressions.

We will use latest generation terminology management and assisted translation tools to create databases and ensure that you do not pay the translation of the same phrase twice. Rely on the experience of our native Italian internal staff and the selection of the best Italian-speaking and English-speaking linguists as well as several other languages so that your publications are read in Italian as if it were a native version.

Italian to English translation services

Our team has accumulated decades of experience in translation: million words to translated into Italian whether they came from an original document in English, Spanish, French or other languages for large corporations and multinationals around the world. Our experience in high caliber, multilingual translation projects gives us a unique experience upon which we guarantee fast translation services at competitive prices.

From a single MS OfficeTM file to translate from English into Italian and vice versa to processing InDesign, FrameMaker files, po formats and others for software localization, html, xlsx, odt, etc, Pangeanic will provide an efficient and economic solution to your translation needs. Sample of a Translation of a Parts List into Italian:

Parts List translation into Italian

Pangeanic may also act as your internationalization consultant with regard to your strategy of internationalization to and from Italy. We are in contact with linguists specialized in internationalization and industry specialists in Italy which may facilitate your penetration and market expansion.

EN15038 quality-assured Italian translations

We can promise

  • your Italian translations will be delivered to you in exactly the same format or the format you require;
  • we will work to save you time and with the help of powerful filters and translation technology;
  • you will receive a ready-for-press, accurate Italian translation;
  • you will not need to revise or check again our Italian translation.

As a European Translation Standard certified company, Pangeanic offers full transparency and traceability in all its processes and Italian Translations. We do not cut down on quality, we cut down on process times: it doesn’t matter if you just need one, a dozen or 100 Italian translations, our translation company will always supply consistent, high quality Italian translations in each project.


Are you looking for expert machine translation technology in Italian? Visit our separate division PangeaMT’s website to find out how to clean and use your data as training material, build customized engines and own a private machine translation environment